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New blog: http://ofmountabora.wordpress.com

Slightly more professional.


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A bulky, lopsided black shape lurked amidst the gray dust. The dark wind tore at it, flapping wooden hinges with dry cracks that resonated like gunfire across the open plain. The shrieking wind beat again and again against the black wooden beams and received only a faded groaning in response. The wood leaned so far to one side, a bleak rhombus looming against a blank field, that its continued stability seemed only the result of stubborn tenacity.

The wind seemed to turn all its futile anger at the structure against the small figure that tumbled up the crumbling road. Blown off-balance again and again, Verne fell against the ground each time, gloved palms scraping against invisible gravel and pushing up against a wall of granular air. A constant shrill screaming sounded in his ears as the wind clawed at his mask, wearing away the rubber and plastic that protected his face. Even through the thick folds of his environment suit he felt cold invading his limbs and stealing precious body heat.

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Preview: Catfolk

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I wanted to get the catfolk done this week, but they’re not finished–however, all that’s unfinished is the art (I didn’t like any of the catfolk are I could find and so am doing my own), which isn’t that essential. Add this to that I’m gone on vacation until next Thursday and I’ve decided to release the first two parts (player race stats and weapons and feats) now, with the art and monster blocks coming later.

Download PDF (~200 KB)


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(Late draft of a flier for my 4E campaign)

The first of the new generation

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Rather than waiting to release everything I’m working on in one giant file (which will come eventually), I’m considering releasing some of the new stuff, particularly the all-new races which have their monster stat-blocks as well as player race stats, on their own. I’m not sure if I’ll continue to do this but if not this makes a nice preview of what’s to come. This is the redone 4E tortle, which if you read my previous rendition you know I considered in need of much work. I’m now quite happy with it, and I hope others will begin to recognize the majesty of the tortles.

Download the PDF: 4E Tortle (~400 KB, includes race, weapons, feats, and monster blocks)

Update log after the jump . . .

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Big update coming

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I’m preparing a big update to my D&D material. Updated versions of all the posted races so far, plus at least one new race and several new weapon stat-ups, possibly some monster blocks for the races, all in nice clean PDFs.

I really, really love this subversion

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whether or not I agree that the man saying it deserves to:

“All this has happened before–”

“But it doesn’t have to happen again.”


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